A Love Like James Dean And Audrey Hepburn.

I'm Miranda and he's Dallas and we found this crazy amazing thing called LOVE.
Anonymous asked: I'm the anon that messaged you about not giving up the other not. I'm not sure why you were thanking me but you're very welcome. I hate distance. But seeing that other people can make distance work? Gives me hope. And I look up to your relationship.💜


I thanked you because I really needed to hear the other side of the equation and you gave me that. I had hear Dallas say that he would do exactly what you are doing but I didn’t believe that anyone would really do that. So you sharing your life with me really helped me and for that I am thankful. Distance is the evil but it is worth it. We are working on making it work the best we can right now and hopefully will be closing the distance soon. You are so kind. Come off anon I would love to follow you and be as encouraging as I can be.:) <3